Set up a clear and precise creative strategy so that all of your messages contribute to the delimitation of your brand territory.

Capture the attention of your targets

The human eye is attracted to certain colors, the brain decodes certain shapes better, does that mean that all messages have to be delivered in the same way?
The message to your targets (prospects, customers … relays and influencers) must take the optimal form to be sufficiently attractive (capture attention), arouse interest in your brand / products / service concerned if you want to obtain a or behavioral reactions.

Creativity is a profession with processes and methods.

※ Today almost everyone knows what brainstorming is like. However, there are many ideation methods and L’atelier cortical uses around ten. Indeed, among the thirty or so most common methods, some are more useful in the creative phases for the conception of messages, marketing and communication action themes, while others are totally dedicated to aspects of strategic creativity. The CPS (the evolution of brainstorming …), the angel’s advocate or the lotus flower will help generate ideas when the Speed ​​Boat, the trees and the dies bring out strategic solutions.

※ L’atelier cortical offers to lead creative sessions with your teams. Both motivational and involvement action, spaced over a few hours, half a day or more, these sessions are at the crossroads between advice, training and team-building. How about we talk about it?

Know how to evaluate the products of creativity

※ The creativity of messages is often based on a ‘likes / dislikes‘ critique. However, it is your targets and recipients who will receive your messages. Do you have the same tastes as them? Marketing approaches offer evaluation methods at different levels depending on the challenges of your next campaign, your next communication project. L’atelier cortical provides you with, if you request it, evaluation grids to choose from among the avenues and creative proposals.

Strategic creativity is often the result of multiple factors, since the intervention falls under the human sciences and therefore on the behavioral and reference culture of the targets. Decision trees, matrices, focus group results are parachutes but by no means predictive tools for the future. This is why, by associating your experience with that of L’atelier cortical, the analysis of the contexts will be as refined as possible, its use in the relevant strategic recommendations and that the use of decision-making matrices will help to find the path necessary to achieve the minimum objectives and, we hope, to exceed the ultimate objectives envisaged.

Dedicated services

※ An execution and infographic creation studio at your service. Today, to support you, mastery of all design, preparation and production techniques before display or broadcast is a prerequisite that avoids cascading effects in the cost prices of a communication campaign. To manage your traditional tools and implement communication projects (print, digital, events, on-pack marketing, etc.) you can count on the technical infographic resources of L’atelier cortical. Want to know more?

L’atelier (The workshop): this is the place where an artist or a craftsman works. It is a choice from the creation of the company to bring in addition to consulting professions, skills that are activated in the service of your projects.