atelier cortical

Experience + monitoring = a Mix open to Optimization

L’atelier cortical brings methodical approaches to all stages and processes of collaboration.

A pre-study of collaboration

※ A brief, a dialogue and exchanges allowing to delimit the levels of requirements associated with the announced ambitions, L’atelier cortical adapts the methodical arrangements according to the maturity of the sector and the market.

※ The costing and evaluation of advice and support services are planned precisely with the aim of avoiding abuses. Limiting wasted time, giving you decision-making keys allowing you to best assess the consequences of choices and their impacts, is to add efficiency to project monitoring.

※ The creative steps are there to allow you to refine your desires and your choices to arrive at a final result produced by the infographic studio adapted to the selected operations.

Using the resources for one’s policy or having the resources for one’s policy means knowing how to make the right decisions at the right time so that investments in brainpower, creativity, technical and production resources are up to the ambitions set and hoped for. L’ateleir cortical can be its guardian, and challenging purchasing sourcing has always been a desire here: to defend every euro invested.

Adjustments when necessary

※ If all the projects were linear, the place of humans would have to be called into question. To automate is to standardize … knowing how to question in order to move the lines is sometimes necessary. Let’s not forget that in the word and methods of marketing and communication there are many points in common with the art of combat. However, let’s not go so far as to apply the barbaric strategies that are so much maligned (let’s not get into the debate and live the experience of our collaborations).

※ L’atelier cortical has always favored long-lasting relationships: investing time in order to clearly identify the challenges of your request means wanting to identify the real needs and not to tackle trendy solutions. This is how, over the years, the proposals for proven approaches are supplemented by the arrival of new methods, new tools … useful in the monitoring of recurring projects and / or new opportunities for collaboration.