atelier cortical

Agility, a shared asset

L’atelier cortical brings synergies to your teams as well as a range of professions relating to disciplines useful for the management of your activities: branding, design thinking, brand-content, technical solutions (materials and knowledge of technologies), strategic solutions (matrices analyzes, implementation methods)…

MISSIONS, examples

Communication marketing. Build a strong marketing and communication strategy, format your messages to your teams, facilitate points of contact with your different target spheres, adapt your speeches to all modes of communication (traditional media, social networks, public relations , printed media, events, etc).

Brand strategy and distinctive elements: determine and act on positioning. Organize your brand territory, build visual elements that bring consistency and power to all of your communication tools and actions.

Strategic planning of your communication. By choosing to outsource this function, you stimulate your managers internally, support their skills development. Through a strategic recommendation based on specific (eg PR) or global (360 °), or the programming of creative and innovation workshops to serve your projects.

Include and cultivate the power of distance. Strengthen your digital presence via your website (s), networks, set up your CRM and initiate your digital transformation by exploiting the identified opportunities.

Influence strategy. Involve your ambassadors in order to deploy the impact of your brand on new customer categories and your marketing channels.

Reciprocal commitment … let’s talk about it!