“L’atelier cortical is a global communication, marketing and organization consulting firm. We offer you a set of services at the service of your management and your development.

※ Since 1996, L’atelier cortical has been developing the scope of its services: strategic recommendations and action plans (organization, management, marketing, global communication, digital strategies, etc.), design-creation (visual, editorial, scriptwriting), print and multimedia publishing (brochures, catalog, flyer, cardmaking, flap pocket, etc.), internet solutions (hosting, developments, online application solutions, cloud, etc.), media and multi-media campaign (purchase of space advertising, digital actions, etc.), direct and operational marketing (database management, personalization, postal and electronic distribution plan, etc.), press relations (press release, file, conference, lunch, etc.), event management (general installation, coordination, reception, equipment rental, receptive and festive, etc.), environment design (stand layout, totem-banner, sales area, showroom, etc.), purchasing specialized in communication (commercial equipment, equipments audiovisual…) at the request of its customers (from all sectors and all universes).


Intervening in a b2b market requires setting guidelines, having an ethic (respect for confidentiality, legitimacy of competence, sustainable development) and also following a few paradigms.

※ Here are the 3 words that express the 3 precepts of L’atelier Cortical: Analyze Activate Accomplish


※ Providing consulting services also means seeking an affinity of thought. L’atelier cortical supports creators and project leaders in the creation of companies, leaders who have great experiences and remarkable backgrounds … that’s why you can find here 3 of our paradigms that will give you an idea of ​​the potentials of our future collaborations.

The future: it is as much planning
than wanting to make the objective possible

Human imagination and creativity
build performance management

Being curious and listening are two qualities
guiding the respective learning loop
between the need for advice and the decisions taken
following recommendations